White Glove Workshops

White Glove Workshops

A digital marketing company that specializes in planning, managing and promoting educational seminars in a variety of industries. WGW takes on all the seminar planning work and risk through a 100% done-for-you program that brings the right attendees to each workshop, and in turn, helps advisors grow and scale their business.

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Ready Made Presentations

As a partner with White Glove Workshops, ARG is solely responsible for building the detailed presentations to ensure an entertaining experience for your audience.
Each presentation will be delivered in a format for you to edit and add to.


Sell below for our initial presentation:


Taxes in Retirement

Educate on minimizing taxes in retirement for pre-retirees and those who are already retired.
Click on the image to see a sample of what this presentation looks like.
At $325 we will send you the editable version of this presentation that you can add to and make your own.  Talking points and notes are also included.
We take your CC information over the phone to ensure a safe and secure transaction.  Current clients will receive 30% off listed price.


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More presentations will be made availalble moving forward.
ARG would be happy to hear your suggestions on what topic to cover next.
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