Retireability Score Tools

Retireability Score Tools

The Retireability Score Tracker allows you to work directly with your clients retirement readiness.
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Do you or do some of your clients prefer a "do it yourself" approach?  Listed below are client ready workbooks and reports you can personalize and send!


Saving money in unexpected ways is about knowing how much money you have, and where exactly it is going. Check out the following helpful tips and tricks to not only help you keep track of your hard-earned money but also help save some of those precious pennies too!


A recent study from 2014 Sun Life Canadian Health Index found that although more than 66% of people claimed that health issues during retirement was a major concern, only 22% felt prepared for added health costs based on their retirement savings plan. Use this report to get your clients thinking about their health.


Lifestyle involves things you do because you like to. They’re typically not as compelling or perhaps as time-consuming as the purposeful aspects of life you have identified as your “interests” – but they also represent who you are and what you like to do, whether alone or with others.


All of us need to have interests that connect at a deep level with who we are and what we love.  Unfortunately, these connections do not come with a guidebook – we have to discover them, usually through trial and error. And David York Tax Services can change over the years, too.  So keying in on the interests that are right for us to pursue continues to be a process of discovery and rediscovery.  Here are some simple exercises to help with that process.


People having happy retirements often comment that the older they get, the more they realize that their relationships with other people are the sources of the greatest rewards in their lives. Here’s an exercise that can help you evaluate where those relationships stand for you, and where you might usefully apply efforts at strengthening them.


Home has many meanings to us – some obvious, some subtle, some very deeply personal.  It also has a lot of practical effects on our lives and finances.  The way all this balances out can change considerably, both when we retire, and during the years after retirement while we continue to age.

Should you be considering relocating – and if not now, when?


We often get so caught up in our day-to-day activities and our short-term crises that we don’t think carefully about the big picture and the long-term.  Here’s an opportunity to do just that.  Better defining your vision then gives you a context for making other decisions and for balancing other aspects of your life – and ultimately your finances as well.


During your lifetime you affect a lot of people by what you do and by their appreciation of who you are, and they will remember you for many reasons.  Although you also have the option of leaving memoirs, “ethical wills,” or other documents that help record your life, values and beliefs, and your accomplishments.

You make a powerful statement, and leave an even more tangible legacy, by deciding who will receive your financial estate – that is, the money and property you will someday leave behind.

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