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"As a one year member of Advisor Research Group, I decided to upgrade my membership to include the Retire-Ability Score at renewal time. Within one week of having it, my very first questionnaire response helped me solidify an insurance policy and a transfer of investments from another institution that more than paid for my membership. My investment into ARG’s service has been a value add to my business as it qualifies prospects immediately and uncovers hidden needs."
Collin Willms, Sun Life Financial | Saskatoon, SK


“As a 2 month member of Advisor Research Group, our investment in their service has already more than paid for itself. On multiple occasions, referrals have taken the Retireability Score questionnaire and revealed information not previously revealed in other fact-finding discussions. Many times these unspoken needs have led to insurance sales we wouldn't have previously identified.
I highly recommend this small investment that has such a big impact."
Jamie Smith, CFA, BBA | St. John’s, NL


“With the Retireability Score my closing ratio with ideal clients improved to 100%.  Any of my clients that have taken the Retireability Score generate 30% MORE revenue than my average clients!   It is an absolute Game-Changer.  Clients and prospects see that I want to help them; not just accept deposits.  And as a result, AUM has sky-rocketed!
My staff is re-energized now that we are all really connecting with our clients, and their workload is also reduced.
It is so easy to use, for me and for my clients.  They are dying to know their score, and then are dying to work with me to improve it."
 David Allard, MBA, CFA, CFP®, MFA | Portfolio Manager, Senior Wealth Advisor


"We use the Retireability Score in group settings at retirement seminars. The feedback has been great. Clients find the report interesting and it helps them identify weak areas to work on in the big retirement picture. Rarely do advisors in our industry guide clients through a full retirement scenario beyond the financial piece. The Retireability Score helps them consider how ready they are for all aspects of retirement; their vision for it, planning for their health, identifying interests, the need to develop social interactions outside of work, thinking about their housing needs, and how important is their legacy?
The Retireability Score sets us apart from other advisors. After completing the Retireability Score clients leave us with referrals for their friends and family that they feel will benefit from the report which leads to increased revenues in our business. The tool pays for itself."
Tammy Richmond, B. Comm,  CFP
Wendy Cooper, B. Admin, CFP | Soterra Financial Group Ltd.


"We have really enjoyed working through the Retireability Score tool with our top clients. So often we get asked "What's My Retirement Number" and this gives a way to assess retirement readiness as well as to highlight areas of concern or where we can help provide value add. It is not just focused on the financial issues and this is where I think it helps provide the most value."
Mike Armstrong, CPA, CA, CIM, CFP | Vice President, Portfolio Manager at Richardson GMP


"We were looking for a tool to increase prospect engagement through our social media platform and found the Retireability Score. We believe this program provides an ideal solution for us to engage people and screen them before we spend a lot of time “working the prospect”. This also provides us with a tool to show value as clients look around in 2017."
David Andrews CFP,CLU,TEP | Sr. Financial Advisor to Professionals & Small Business Owners


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