Should You Outsource Your Social Media?

Should You Outsource Your Social Media?

Executive Summary

When utilized to its full potential, social media can yield great returns in terms of client satisfaction, brand awareness, lead development, and referral increase. Many financial advisors avoid developing their social media presence most likely because of time constraints and/ or lack of knowledge. However, many experts agree that social media is the one marketing channel professionals can no longer shy away from. If you want to develop your social media marketing but simply don’t have the time or know-how to do it yourself, consider the following pros and cons of outsourcing the project.


  • LACK OF VOICE: Having a third party develop and update your social media channels can deflect away from your personal brand and the differentiation you strive for.
  • Response time to online questions or feedback may be slower than doing it yourself
  • Costs associated can range upward of $130 per month.
  • Lack of knowledge in terms of what is being updated. Although firms should keep you posted regarding your social media, there will almost definitely be times that you may miss out on certain key posts and information.


  • TIME: Obviously, freeing up more of your precious time is the largest benefit of outsourcing your social media. Using an outsourced social media team not only provides you with more time to focus on your business and its daily responsibilities, you’ll likely more than double your social media activity had you have done it yourself.
  • EXPERTISE: Social media is forever changing which means there are always new channels and tools coming to market. Ensuring you have a 101 social media understanding is important but ongoing education will be necessary if you want to thrive at it.
  • QUICKER GROWTH: Social media service providers will have your social media presence up and running quickly. After all, their goal is to generate more business for you so you remain a long-term client.
  • ASSOCIATED COSTS: One can expect to spend anywhere from $130 to $500 per month to attain professional and effective social media services.

Whether you are thinking of establishing or improving your social media presence using a third party social media team, Advisor Research Group Inc. has scoured the market in search of some of the best candidates for the job. Currently, ‘1 Social Networking Solution’ stands out from the crowd with well thought out packages, pricing, (starting at $135 a month) and a free trial offer. To get a better idea of their services, click the link below.


Unless you are nearing retirement and fully satisfied with your current client base, applying and developing effective social media practices is a real and permanent part of the marketing game.


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