Prospect Events: Pick Your Topic

Prospect Events: Pick Your Topic

Executive Summary

The topics for prospect events are nearly endless.  Wherever a financial need exists, a prospecting event is a real possibility.
A listing of topics follows.

Action Plan

When selecting your topic, preparing collateral and emails, and speaking with prospects be sure to address the rational, emotional and political aspects of their decision-making.

Rationally, each prospect needs to appreciate that they actually have a problem that is solvable, and solvable by a service-provider. Eventually, you would like them to believe that you are that service-provider, and an event is an excellent method to get many prospects in the same room to “see you in action.”

Emotionally, the problem has to be significant, and you have to be the one providing the solution. As you approach prospects, the price to hear the solution is their attendance at the event. They should read your collateral or hear your pitch for the event and desperately want to attend. If they are mildly interested, move on to the next prospect. Keep them in mind for a time when their problem has grown, but focus where you can make the most impact right now.

Be bold. Be provocative! You want people to disagree or challenge your opinion. That creates interest, and interest will lead to attendance at your event. Without offending any life-licensed Advisors, I can’t imagine a seminar I would want to go to less than an “insurance audit.”

Politically, those who are capable of making the decision to switch to your investment practice must find out about you and your service. Each household (i.e. married couple) has their own rhythm and process for making these decisions, often with a decision maker and an authorizer (Strategic Selling roles). Both need to be involved, if not directly part of any decision like this. If you cannot get both spouses in the same room for the seminar, ensure that they both attend any meetings where the decision to switch is discussed – EVEN IF ONE OF THEM SAYS, “I don’t pay any attention to this, he/she handles it for the both of us.”

Potential Event Topics:

Investment Planning:

A generalized seminar outlining your investment approach and how you work with your clients doesn’t sound interesting at all. It will require some marketing savvy.

“Don’t let the banks steal your retirement.”

“Does your Advisor know you or do you know them?”

“Start with more, earn more, and retire with more!”

Retirement Planning:

Gathering clients who are approaching retirement – or young and genuinely interested in the topic – are the most prized households to acquire.

“Can you retire?” “Can you afford to retire?”

“Plan now so you can actually retire.”

“Retirement: fact and fiction.”

Generating retirement income:

Transitioning from asset gathering to income generation is a challenging time for many investors; demonstrate to them that this is your specialty.

“Your RRSP could end your retirement dreams.”

“RIFs are not all they pretend to be.”

“Retirement income the easy way.”

“Live in retirement, not in fear.”

Cottage Succession:

The coming inter-generational transfer could trigger significant tax liabilities. An insurance strategy to address the tax is a viable option for many families. “Lose the tax, not the cottage.”

“Don’t let the kids fight over the cottage and lose it to CRA.”


Bottom Line

Get people talking, push the boundaries of your marketing department's view of what is appropriate. Not in a ribald or potentially offensive way, but to cause a reaction with potential clients, to demonstrate a difference.

No Advisor wants to present boring material to a bored audience, so start the process with some exciting headlines, and a perspective to make it fun and interesting.

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