Educating Clients About Technology

Educating Clients About Technology

Executive Summary

Financial services have been evolving and becoming more technologically advanced for years.   Advisors have gotten used to e-apps, online training, and other time-saving developments that have helped their businesses run more efficiently.  When covid-19 hit advisors were ready to conduct business via zoom meetings and e-signatures, but they were not always ready to teach their clients to work with the new technology.


What You Need to Know


Many clients, senior clients especially, may not be comfortable using the technology needed to conduct business in our current environment.   It is your job as an advisor to make the process as simple as possible. Here are a few tips to help you along the way:



  1. Keep it Consistent and Simple
Pick a technology and stick to it. The more you switch platforms and programs the more confusing it will be for your clients.  Try to find programs that only have one or two steps to access them.  This will make it easier to explain over the phone how to access apps or links to conduct a meeting.


  1. Be Patient
While some clients may have some experience with technology i.e. Email, social media.  Others may have no experience and therefore will be facing a steep learning curve when trying to adapt to video conferencing and e-signing.  Recognize the fact it may take a few tries for your client to catch on and allocate time for training.   If you have an hour meeting with a client, consider adding an additional 30 minutes before the meeting to get the clients acquainted with the technology.


  1. Write Down the Steps
Look at the technology from the perspective of someone who has never used it before.   What steps do you need to follow to successfully access the platform?   Take the time to write down the step by step and make note of any roadblocks you may have had to log on (for example, having to verify your email).   Create a simply written guide for clients that you can send to them before the meeting.  This way you know they have all the information they need to attend your meeting.



The Bottom Line

Technology isn’t going anywhere!   Getting your clients acquainted with the technology your office uses will be worth your while.


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