Custom Reports

Custom Reports

ARG Custom Reports provide our members with the latest understanding of important issues.  Typically, they are on issues that are written about and discussed frequently, and as such require a broad grasp of the landscape and issues, and the ability to understand and communicate at the detailed level.

Our Custom Reports are comprised of a comprehensive report for our Advisors and a precis or Executive Summary written for their clients and prospects.  The client-facing materials are typically co-branded by our member and ARG as the authors to jointly reflect your guidance and our research work.
Depending upon the complexity of the issue, availability of relevant information, and the required depth of analysis Custom Reports can take two to six weeks to complete.
Primary Research

When a burning question persists, and the data, information, knowledge and wisdom are difficult to find, conducting first-hand research is the only way to inform your actions.

Many Advisors want to know more about their portfolio of clients, and quickly need a method to accurately collect information and determine trends that will affect their ability to service them.
In certain communities or within certain affiliated groups, conducting a fact-gathering project on the members of these groups will allow Advisors to tailor their marketing messages and their service offerings to attract clients.  The contact to gather information is often strong enough to create awareness and generate interest for the Advisor.

ARG's Primary Research can be anonymous for the Advisor or the research subject.

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