ARG Coaching Services provide a structured program to energize you and your practice.

After a short burst of discussion, information gathering and analysis to discover the issues at the root of your success, ARG Coaches:

  • Assemble a schedule of meetings and events to drive your activity and behaviour
  • Conduct weekly calls and meetings to determine progress
  • Guide your behaviour, monitor your results and "push you"
  • Compare your practice over the course of one year, prepare an action plan for year 2

Your Coaches

Grant  Hicks

At ARG Grant acts as Guest Editor to provide insights on leading profitable and efficient businesses and increasing their business value to Advisors across Canada.

Grant Hicks is the author of “Guerilla Marketing for Financial Advisors” part of the world’s best-selling marketing series, and National Director, Practice Management for the Advisor Practice Management organization.

Eric  Albertston

With 17 years at all levels of high technology sales including senior leadership and 16 years of senior level marketing experience Eric brings a unique perspective to the marketing revenue generation game.

Eric has been a marketing and sales executive and mentor for companies of all sizes for more than 33 years. He has been a part owner of a company that reached #89 on the Inc. 500 list.

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