ARG's Accelerate System

Your turn-key Marketing Department

All of ARG's client content; market updates, articles, tools, presentations, videos, shared in emails, on social media, on websites automatically!

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ARG’s Accelerate System delivers:

  • More new clients and more engaged clients
  • Increased client retention and larger Share-of-Wallet
  • More AUM, revenue to the grid and income to advisors
  • Quality content that matters to clients and prospects, and flies through Compliance
  • Increased credibility by demonstrating your understanding of markets and investment topics
  • Demonstrated commitment to clients by staying in-touch between conversations
  • Meaningful conversations with more educated clients who understand and act on your advice
Engage your clients and prospects with content delivered where they want it, how they want it, when they want it.



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 ARG's Accelerate System:

  • Loads your contact list into our dedicated content distribution database
  • Creates customized communication templates with your look-and-feel, contact details, logos
  • Sends emails directly to clients and prospects
  • Updates your website's library
  • Posts to all your social media accounts
  • Maintains contact details for clients and partners, manages opt-outs
  • Re-sends emails to remind recipients to open and read them
  • Segments clients by life-stage to identify meaningful content from ARG's extensive archive
  • Summarizes marketing statistics to ensure on-going effectiveness


To get started ARG needs just TWO things from you:

  1. Your list of clients and prospects that includes  first name, surname, email address, segment
  2. Approval of the templates ARG creates for you that includes your logo, contact details (phone, email, social media handles), designations, company look-and-feel


After set-up, advisors spend, on average, less than 1 hour per month managing their marketing because they don't have to . . . .

  • Decide when mailings and social media posts should go out
  • Write articles and newsletters themselves after deciding the topics and finding quiet-time
  • Re-write content after Compliance provides their "help"
  • Format emails and attempt graphic design




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