About ARG

About ARG

Who is ARG

ARG is the first truly independent information service for Investment Professionals who understand the value of in-depth, unbiased and reliable tools and research.

With industry experts who know what it takes to succeed in our industry and ARG’s research team, we provide information, insight, research, and custom support that will increase, strengthen and expand your book of business faster and more efficiently.

What we do

Every two weeks we deliver fresh research digests to Advisors, and allow access to our library of practical tools, templates and previous Digests.

ARG is your one-stop shop for all your information needs, whether you are looking to improve the management of your team and office, attract more and better clients, retain and increase Share-of-Wallet with existing ones, or stay up-to-date on legislation and regulations.

Why we do it

ARG believes that Advisors deserve better information and tools, so that they can make better decisions and recommendations for their clients.

Successful Advisors continuously seek new and innovative approaches, and focus on fundamentals simultaneously.  We deliver on both so Advisors can help their clients with the latest and best information available.

Why Advisors use ARG

ARG how-to guides, articles and tools provide the fastest way for investment professionals to stay up-to-date and communicate with their clients on the most important issues.
Instead of grazing free public websites, commercially driven content from fund companies, and lifeless internal documentation, Advisors who use ARG get economical, to-the-point content to help them:

  • Acquire new investors faster
  • Engage with clients more deeply
  • Gain additional share-of-wallet
  • Comply with legislation and regulations
  • Run their practice more effectively

ARG provides tools and knowledge that allow Advisors to increase their engagement level with clients and prospects, and run their practice more efficiently so they can generate additional income, reduce expenses, and create happier clients.

ARG Team Members

Dane Aulph

Dane is responsible for revenue generation.

He brings almost twenty years of sales and marketing experience for subscription-based businesses.

A consummate professional and motivator, Dane inherently understands the needs of ARG clients and prospects. Dane is President of ARG and is a corporate Director.


Ted Collins

Operations and Research are Ted’s primary areas of responsibility.

He brings twenty-five years of strategic and operational consulting experience, business unit leadership and investment advice to ARG.

Ted provides thought leadership to our Editorial Calendar, acts as our Chief Operating Officer and Director.

Grant Hicks

At ARG Grant acts as Guest Editor to provide insights on leading profitable and efficient businesses and increasing their business value to Advisors across Canada.

Grant Hicks is the author of “Guerilla Marketing for Financial Advisors” part of the world’s best-selling marketing series, and National Director, Practice Management for the Advisor Practice Management organization.

Carmi Levy

Carmi is accountable to build awareness of ARG and its value through traditional and social media outlets and applications.

Carmi is also an Information Technology journalist appearing regularly on local and national telecasts discussing trends and their impact on consumers and businesses.

Prior to his career as a writer and journalist he led the national Help-desk for one of Canada’s leading financial services firms handling technological and regulatory matters.

Sarah Newland

Sarah is ARG’s member guru.

Her understanding of ARG’s clients needs is second-to-none. As ARG Member Service expert she captures and summarizes Advisor’s feedback, both explicitly and implicitly stated, to provide direction to the ARG team.

Sarah informs ARG’s Editorial Calendar, identifies emerging issues, clarifies client needs and contributes to ARG’s corporate strategy as our Voice of the Customer advocate.

Sarah is also a Director of ARG.

Eric Albertson

With 17 years at all levels of high technology sales including senior leadership and 16 years of senior level marketing experience Eric brings a unique perspective to the marketing revenue generation game.

Eric has been a marketing and sales executive and mentor for companies of all sizes for more than 33 years. He has been a part owner of a company that reached #89 on the Inc. 500 list.

Eric has helped many small companies to achieve significant growth and profitability in both the short and long term.

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